countesskoko (countesskoko) wrote,

The Lakeview Terrace fire is just a few miles from here. I grew up in Lakeview Terrace, after we moved from Hawaii. It's hard to watch.

If you hit the down arrow once, you'll see we are at the intersection of Brandford and Woodman. I was voted Miss Kagel Canyon when I was in my teens. And, now Kagel Canyon is burning. It's a weird feeling.

There have been 3,700 acres burned, it's 5% contained, 1 home and 38 mobile homes burned.

The wind is driving the fire southwest, though, which moves it away from us. There is another fire just begun at Porter Ranch. The winds are 35 mph, with 60 mph gusts. With that kind of wind, the fire planes cannot drop water and be effective. It's punishing.

Bram, remember when Hiro, you and I went shopping at the Whole Foods at Porter Ranch? It's right above there. You can go to for more news.

I guess we're officially in our fire season, and sadly we're amid a drought.
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