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Today, I've reserved the movers and the transport for our move. We will have a 14'linear on a 28'x 8' x 9' trailer; enough for a small 2-bedroom, fully furnished house. And, we will have professional packers and movers to pack up our original art and then pack our furniture and boxes into the trailer, and also unload us in York, SC. The rest, we will pack in boxes. It's becoming more real every day. Next week, we will travel to South Carolina and check out the construction of our new house. Then, it will be "real".

I found it interesting that I leak tears whenever I speak about moving from this place in which I have lived for 53 years. I never knew it was so emotional for me. The tears are my hint. I know it must be hard to relate to, especially when one is in one's 20's. There are so many memories that flood in and vy for attention in my mind's eye, when I consider leaving this place.

Here are some photos of Andrew and I and little Diamond:

This little entourage will be the core of family in South Carolina. And so it is.
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