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Meet Alma

So, I brought home a classical guitar...

Meet Alma - ("Soul" in Spanish)

The interesting thing was that when I told my new friend, Philip, he told me that he also purchased a classical guitar (much better than mine). He asked if I knew what his major was in college...'no' i said. It was classical guitar, he smiled.

So, he came over last night and taught me a few things.

The man, Tomas, who sold me Alma, also showed me a few things, and said to come back in a month when I had mastered them...then, he would show me more.

It seems, the pathway is opening...and there is a further road.

I have played Alma this morning; she sounds beautiful and soulful. She will be my companion and friend for life, I intend. I have done a very good thing.

There is joy in creation.
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