new hair


I just watched this movie "The Secret" on my computer. I am pasting the preview on this page, which will lead you to the movie. I URGE EACH OF YOU TO WATCH THE MOVIE ON YOUR COMPUTER. HIRO I want you to find a clear computer screen and with a quick bandwidth connection to watch this. Maybe at Bram's. GAther some friends, make a night of it. It's only 90 minutes long. I will pay for it. It's just $5 USD. Use the card I gave you. YOU MUST WATCH THIS --- PROMISE ME!!! What I'm putting here is just the preview...BUT I WANT YOU TO WATCH THE MOVIE - only accessible through the computer. Then, we'll talk - or not. PROMISE ME! This information will support and sustain you for the rest of your life. I promise.

What Is The Secret

PS - I got the Sound Dock! I'll send it soon. Love, Mom
new hair

Moving into space

Well, here I am pushing into 'where no one's gone before' as it was once iterated on StarTrek. At least, not me. So, here's my 1st posting. Hope it gets better, ha, ha.
in the Thanksgiving kitchen - karlind, inka and chris

There were others, but this is just a test! So, there you have it, a few words and a picture!

- Koko
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