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a mother's rain

15 March
I believe I am an ageless Soul, physically present in this age for the past 60 years in this form, resistant to being fully present until the birth of my daughter 25 years ago; whose appearance confronted me with that resistance and offered me a choice...to be or not to be. In the subsequent years of dealing with that question, I awoke to LIFE...and now, LIVING in the present moment, I am fully committed to JOY, believing that I have come into this world to witness 'Perfect Life' - Spirit expressing in all ways.

I am forever grateful for this awakening, grateful that this wondrous and delightful being chose me to come through to this plane - this earth, this life. Because of her appearance and dependence, I sought my strength, my faith, my power - and found them all, and was proved through many trials and challenges.

I can state in full consciousness, "I am happy."
being together in community, cats, comfort, commenting on stuff, dogs, drinking, eating, hummingbirds, laughing, marking the time, my dog diamond, new age music, reading ernest holmes, reading hiro-recommended books, road trips, sharing, sleeping and waking, soft jazz, watching people, watching uplifting movies